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We are excited to have you here and are very interested in educating you about our services and  the opportunity to collaborate.

The orientation process is designed to simplify our training, new hire process and intake with new clients. We are currently working on a Calendar system for you to see available dates for upcoming training and schedule your orientation. In the meantime please Contact Us for available orientation times and dates.  

Introduction to Florida Family Care Services – Who are we, what we believe, and why we do what we do. For DCP or Parents

Documentation Best Practices – Introduction to Therap, requirements, and more. For DCP or Parents
Required  by All APD Providers – Who is APD, expectations, limitations, and more. For DCP
Therap Access and Reporting- Login assistance and review documentation. For DCP or Parents

Providing quality supportive care to persons with other abilities who receive Med-Waiver, State Medicaid, and Children Medical Services.



Years of Service


About Us

We are a motivated team filled with compassion and eager to build strong relationships with individuals and organizations that desire powerful change for the community we serve! 

Our Mission is to continuously provide excellent services to persons with other abilities and special needs so that they may achieve a better quality of life and realize their goals and dreams.  

Our Vision is to continue to expand our reach within our community and proactively seek to provide, support and promote the opportunity for impactful experiences and inspire those we touch to live life to their full potential. 

Personal Support

Medicaid Waiver support to persons with other abilities. Services promote long-term success by reinforcing skills that foster independence and encourage community integration for individuals 21 years of age or older. 

Personal Care Services

Medicaid, Children Medical Service Provider for supplemental home care for children under 21 to ensure Activities of Daily Living are completed while guardian(s) are unavailable.

Respite Care

Medicaid Waiver service to provide quality care to help ensure daily care needs are met, and support individuals to achieve their goals and dreams. Services also include light house keeping, transportation, and community inclusive opportunities.

Support Living Coach

Our goal is to offer independent living support and resources to people with disabilities and unique life needs. We strive to help our clients achieve an independent, balanced life with happiness and well being. 

Private Care Services

Our goal is to help improve the lives of our clients with personalized private care services that meet the individual and unique needs so they can live life to their full  potential. We genuinely care about their quality of life and well being.

Valuable Resources

We our committed to serving our SWFL community and strive to be a point of connection for valuable resources that offer much needed solutions to those with special needs. We are dedicated to changing lives with love.

When we come together to support each other, we create miracles in life. – Florida Family Care Services


“Florida Family Care Services has an amazing team who treats you just like family. We are so grateful to have them in our lives!”

Jan M, Fort Myers, FL

Approved Service Provider

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